movement mastery Program

Conquer your fear!

Retrain your body to move, load, and lift wiThout pain!

What is the movement mastery program?

The 12 Week movement mastery program has been strategically engineered by our team of physical therapists and strength and conditioning specialists to bring to you a product that bridges the gap between therapy and high performance training.

Our doctors will be taken you through an in depth functional movement assessment to identify and optimize fundamental movement while screening for potential deficits that could potentially turn into pain down the road.

With this and YOUR goals taken into consideration we will pair you up with one of our team members that best suits your individual needs. We strongly believe in the need for individuality when it comes to health, wellness and fitness and refuse to take part in cookie cutter approaches.

This is all about YOU and getting back to a level where you can enjoy life again.

Pro Plan

  • 24 one on one training sessions (2x/week)
  • Movement screen
  • Reimbursable by out of network insurance
  • Nutritional consult and follow up check ins
  • 2 body composition scans
  • Supplement Recommendations

Platinum Plan

  • 36 one on one training sessions (3x/week)
  • Movement screen
  • Reimbursable by out of network insurance
  • Nutritional consult and follow up check ins
  • Two body composition scans
  • Manual therapy as needed
  • Supplement Recommendation

Who is this program for?


The 12 Week movement mastery Program can be customized according to your personal goals.

This program is specifically designed for anyone:

  • Hesitant or nervous about starting to workout
  • Overcoming injury
  • Looking for more than the average “personal trainer”

At Sculpt U, you will be under the care of doctorate level therapists and strength coaches to get you moving and feeling like you did 10 years ago, regardless of your past training or injury history. It’s time to REclaim your life!

Please note that the 12 week movement mastery program is not for patients actively in pain. We strongly recommend that you be seen by our physical therapists for our one-on-one treatment sessions as past of the rehab phase of the REprogram to get you feeling right prior to beginning the Program.

Sculpt U is an amazing concept lead by two of the most dedicated physical therapists in the field. Their willingness to go the extra mile for their patients and their community is unmatched. When I am in pain, there is no other option on the table. You won’t find another company even in the same arena as these guys.

Zach Johnson, PT, DPT, OCS

I have dedicated my life to helping my patients, always putting my own health on the back burner. I have been living with unrelenting chronic neck/back pain for years and thought I was destined to be in pain for the rest of my life. After working with the team at Sculpt U, I now have a new outlook on life, and I am back to doing the things I love with significantly less pain. They take the time to explain and educate their patients along with utilizing the power of touch which I find is lacking in healthcare. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer my patients or anyone else dealing with pain to Sculpt U. Thank you for my life back.

Dr. Barbara Stegmann, M.D., PhD

As a urologist focusing on men’s health for over 25 years, I have dealt with a vast array of patient illnesses. The number of patients with associated sports injuries of all types and at all ages has steadily increased, although low back pain seems to be one of the most common complaints. Getting my patients into a well-supervised and strategically designed exercise program is imperative to their having a successful outcome and overall sense of well-being. Sculpt U provides a unique service that is simply not found anywhere else. It focuses on a true holistic approach that puts the patient’s needs first — something that I wholeheartedly support. Sculpt U is creatively far ahead of its peers and is a medical service that I will regularly recommend for my patients.

Larry I. Lipshultz, M.D.
Professor of Urology
Lester and Sue Smith Chair in Reproductive Medicine
Chief, Division of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

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