Tatiana came to appreciate manual therapy and massage while recovering from a neck injury. Her discomfort was gone sooner than she expected thanks to a very gifted therapist and without the use of any medications. She knew she wanted to help people the same way one day. Shortly after earning a degree in Foreign Languages and International Communications in 2009, Tatiana went to a massage school (in her home country of Russia) to learn more about noninvasive treatment. After moving to the US, she pursued her dream and graduated from Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami in 2012. She was also certified in medical massage in 2022 If you are a current, past or interested patient of Sculpt U physical therapy Tatiana will work hand in hand with the doctors at Sculpt U to create a well rounded plan seem less plan of care to get you back on the court faster, swinging the golf club pain free and improving your overall performance.

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